Womens Self Defense
womens self defense
Womens self defense


Women are often seen as vulnerable and easy targets. In fact, here are some alarming statistics:

  • Every 9 seconds in the United States, a woman is assaulted or beaten.
  • A woman of only 21 years of age has a 25% risk of becoming a victim of violent crime in her life.

Those grim numbers show that no woman is ever completely safe. A lot of perpetrators choose women as their victims because women are seen as passive and less likely to fight back. There are many ways for women to protect themselves from their attackers but they must be able to physically protect themselves from their attackers if they ever get assaulted again.


Self defense is the most straightforward way to avoid dangerous situations and protect yourself. It’s always better to avoid a violent attack then to go through one and attempt to survive it. Women’s self defense classes don’t only teach practical and effective martial arts, but also cover numerous ways to avoid and navigate dangerous situations. Some of the subjects covered in women’s self-defense classes are:

  • Basic self defense moves
  • Spotting potentially dangerous situations
  • Fitness and strength
  • The most effective body parts to hit
  • Ways to avoid being attacked
  • The best ways to call for help
  • Trusting your instincts
  • Maintaining a strong body language

Not only that, but women's self defense classes also help you build confidence, strength, awareness, and fitness.


Our program includes Krav Maga classes for women. These self defense classes prepare women for the unique challenges of living in Connecticut. This isn’t just another self defense class. Our program focuses on women’s mindsets and physical abilities.

We tailor each lesson to our students’ needs, and we ensure that our students feel more confident and empowered after each lesson. We help our students build confidence, strength, awareness, and fitness, as well as teach easy-to-learn battle-tested techniques. Most of all, we prepare women for the Connecticut streets, bars, and nightclubs. A confident, fit, strong, and assertive woman is less likely to become a victim.

Most of our female students join us to lose weight, get fit, and learn to defend themselves all at once. There is little benefit from training women with other women, because most women are attacked by men or attackers stronger and bigger than they are. Because of that, we encourage our students to train with men so training can be as realistic and helpful as possible.