Krav Maga Self-Defense: The most effective, real world, self-defense system that was originally developed for the Israeli military and is now the preferred system for U.S. military units and law enforcement agencies.

At CT Krav Maga, we teach street self-defense using:

Punches, elbows, knees, and kicks.
Defenses against various strikes, chokes, and weapons.
Realistic training drills.

Krav Maga is the official hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces. Its quick counter-attacks and brutal offensive techniques make it the ideal fighting style for dangerous and unexpected situations. It’s also the preferred system for U.S. military and law enforcement personnel. Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art, but a revolutionary self-defense program. No katas. No rituals.

Based on simple principles and instinctive movements, this reality-based system is designed to teach extremely effective self-defense in the shortest possible time. Attend our self-defense classes to learn Krav Maga and defend against common chokes, grabs, and strikes, as well as more serious threats involving weapons. The instructors at CT Krav Maga teach people how to function during the stress and shock of a sudden, violent encounter. Our mission is to prepare our students for any and all dangerous situations.

Tested on the battlefield and in the streets, Krav Maga’s practical approach to self-defense will make you safer and more secure. Try a self-defense class today in one of our 2 locations and witness the changes in your mind and body.


Hand Combatives Class

A great compliment to Krav Maga Class!!
This highly energetic, half hour class, focus on giving students the opportunity to put to use what they have learned, and to perfect and sharpen their punching skills.


Thai Pad Class

Similar to hand combatives but taking it a step further. Works your entire core. Become proficient and increase the power and speed of your punches, knees and kicks!!


Weapons Class

Learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones against gun, knife and bat attacks. This class is one hour a week and teaches you to defend, counter and disarm weapons.